Mike Moustakas Debuts with the Crew

Mike Moustakas caught a flight from New York to San Francisco yesterday to make his Brewers debut. Moustakas was acquired Friday night in an exchange for fan favorite Brett Phillips and Jorge Lopez.

Moustakas adds much needed depth to the Brewers lineup, the big question was how Craig Counsell was going to incorporate Moose into the lineup. Well we got our first look at the

Last nights lineup makes sense, Counsell likes to alternate lefty-righty in the lineup, so it was just a matter of figuring out if Cain or Yelich were going to be leading off. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Cain, Yelich, Aguilar, Moose, Braun, Shaw at some point this season. Either way, adding Moustakas adds depth making the 1-6 batters very tough to navigate through.

Moose is hitting .248 this season with a .308 OBP .465 SLG and .773 OPS. Overall he has 20 home runs and 62 RBIs. He will get a big park shift moving from KC to the very hitter-friendly Miller Park.

*Feature image was taken from Keith Allison on Flickr


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