My All-Star Game Ballot

With the All-Star game roughly a month away, I decided to fill out my first ballot of the season. We can take a look at who I believe should be playing in the All-Star game this season. First, let’s check out the leading vote-getters as July 12th.

My Ballot
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There were some tough decisions to be made at a couple different positions, especially in the NL at 2nd and 3rd base. Also, in the AL with the 3rd outfielder, there are a couple of guys who are deserving of an All-Star game vote.

First, in the NL at 2nd base, Ozzie Albies has been great in the power numbers. He has 16 home runs so far this season which has been awesome along with his 40 RBIs and six stolen bases. But, because Scooter Gennett plays for the Reds, he gets overlooked and he deserves an All-Star vote as much as anyone else does. On the season Scooter is hitting .341 with 12 home runs and 47 RBIs.

Much of what I said for Gennett applies for Suarez at 3rd base. Arenado is amazing, one of the best players in baseball, and is crushing the baseball so far hitting .305 with 12 home runs 37 RBIs and 2 SBs. But Eugenio Suarez is on another level driving in runs this season. He is hitting .298 with 12 home runs (the same as Arenado) but has 49 RBIs in 191 at-bats compared to Arenados 233.

The 3rd outfielder was my toughest decision of all, I think there is no doubt that Betts and Trout are All-Stars no one is going to argue that. But the 3rd one, in my opinion, is a four-way tie between Springer, Judge, Brantley, and Benintendi. All four have been crushing baseballs for the first half of the season.

  • Springer- .293 14 HRs 41 RBIs 4 SB
  • Judge- .272 18 HR 46 RBI 3 SB
  • Brantley- .322 11 HR 40 RBI 2 SB
  • Benintendi- .302 12 HR 46 RBI 11 SB

I chose Brantley over Benintendi because of Brantley’s overall batting average and his home runs hit with fewer at-bats. Brantley has 22 fewer at-bats then Benintendi and has similar power numbers. I would be okay with any of the four above but Brantley is my pick.

Now, when it comes to Brewers players they have a couple worthy of playing in the All-Star game. I think both Cain and Yelich deserve to be in the game if they aren’t starters they should be reserves. I also think Hader will be a lock and Jeffress could easily be there with how well he has pitched this season.


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