Bryce Harper

Coming into this season Bryce Harper was my prediction for NL MVP, I mean how could he not…going into his free agency year looking for that 10 year/400 million dollar contract. There was no doubt he was going to have a record-breaking season. So far I have been dead wrong in my prediction.

Year BB% K% BABIP Hard % LD% AVG OBP
2017 13.8 20.1 .356 34.3 22.0 .319 .413
2018 18.2 22.3 .217 44.9 21.8 .229 .367

Harper has been interesting to watch this season as you look at the table above and see how his BABIP is down 139 points from last season and his batting average is down 90 points he must be having a really bad season, and if you just judged him off those two stats you would be right. With these numbers, he certainly isn’t going to win an MVP, even if he gets 40+ home runs by the end of the season.

Through 60 games this season he has 18 home runs with 40 RBIs and 38 runs scored.

There are a couple of things I find interesting about those stats above, the first is his walk rate (BB%) Harper is still getting on-base at a .367 clip while only hitting .229. That 18.2% walk rate is as elite as it gets. So Harper still has value in an on-base percentage fantasy baseball league.

I also think that Harper has been super unlucky this season. His hard hit percentage is up 10% from last season but his BABIP is down 139 points from the previous year and his line drive rate has remained steady. Harper is due for a big bounce back this season and is a great buy-low candidate in fantasy baseball.



*Featured image was taken from Bryce Harper Wikipedia, original photographer Keith Allison posted on Flickr.


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  1. Harper’s a very curious case. He’s been an every other year guy so far. Season’s obviously not over but it’s either MVP or average with him. This season will be a huge determining factor on that future paycheck in the offseason.

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