Brewers Win 5th Consecutive Series

I like to consider myself a non-bias blogger when it comes to the MLB. But, the Brewers may be the best team in baseball. If not the greatest team to ever step on the field in the history of the MLB. Okay, I will admit that there is a little bias in that statement, the Brewers continue to win. After today’s win on Travis Shaw bobblehead day, the Crew improved to 34-20, 14 games over .500! The team has been so hot that they were off to their best 50 game start in franchise history! Then, they came out Saturday and put up their highest run total in eight years, winning 17-6 vs. the Mets.

The team is getting contributions from everyone to start this season. The bats are producing, the bullpen is throwing well, and the starters are throwing in some solid starts every once in a while. Even though Anderson’s start Saturday, and Chacins start today were far from great. Both did enough to put the team into position to win. It definilty doesn’t hurt when your team scores 25 runs on 30 hits in two games.

Cain and Yelich have been hot as anyone over this five series win streak. Over the last two games combined they have been on base a total of 15 times. Cain has five hits and three walks in two games, while Yelich has six hits and one walk. Cain is now hitting .295 with a .401 OBP. He has raised his walk rate from 8.4% lasrt season to 14.6% this season. Lorenzo Cain has a career best 39.9% had hit rate which is 10% higher than his career average with a 2.7 WAR.

Christian Yelich is hitting .305 this season with a .371 OBP and is also seeing a big increase in hard hit rate this season. Last season Yelich was at 35.2% and is currently at 45.2% this season. He is hitting line drives more frequently and hitting less baseballs on the ground. Even with missing significant time, Yelich has a 1.1 WAR this season. Continuing to be my favorite add of the offseason.

In my opinion Jesus Aguilar has done enough to earn the full time starters gig for the Crew, even when Thames comes back healthy from the DL. Now, with Craig’s player rotation, and the plethora of multi-positional players everyone sees playing time for the Crew. But, the last two seasons Aguilar has been too good to not have in the lineup consistently. When Thames returns I would expect a “platoon” at first with Aguilar playing most days and a four man rotation in the outfield between Cain, Yelich, Braun, and Santana.


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