Brewers vs. Cubs 4/28

Except for Yelich, the Brewers are sending their all-righty lineup today against Quintana. I get wanting to stack righties against a lefty. But, I am not a fan of Perez hitting 5th in this lineup. He along with most of the guys hitting in the bottom of the order have been struggling this season. Counsell should have flipped Pina and Perez in the lineup

Fortunately for the Brewers, the Cubs are getting Kris Bryant and Ben Zobrist back today, two guys who have killed the Brewers in their career. Hopefully, Guerra can keep them off balance with his splitter today.

Pitching Matchup

  • Guerra- 2-0 16.0 IP 0.56 ERA 1.00 WHIP 15 SO
  • Quintana- 2-1 19.2 IP 7.78 ERA 1.78 WHIP 16 SO

Hitting Matchup

  • Milwaukee- Team total .216 vs. Quintana
    • Cain- 66 at-bats vs. Quintana .288 avg
    • Villar- 9 at-bats vs. Quintana .444 avg
  • Chicago- Team total .146 vs. Guerra
    • La Stella- 4 at-bats vs. Guerra .500 avg
    • Bryant- 5 at-bats vs. Guerra .400 avg

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