2018 MLB Predictions

The season is getting underway tomorrow and I am more than ready to watch baseball every night for the next 6 months. Below, I have my round by round prediction starting with the wild card games through the world series. I also have my award predictions.

NL Division Winners

  • East-Nationals
  • Central-Cubs
  • West- Dodgers

AL Division Winners

  • East-Yankees
  • Central-Indians
  • West-Astros

NL Wild Card

Brewers vs. Diamondbacks

AL Wild Card

Angles vs. Red Sox

One of the wild card teams will come out of the AL East with both the Red Sox and Yankees competing for that AL Central, it should be exciting to watch that battle all season. It could easily be the Yankees in the wild card and Red Sox the division champs. I will take Red Sox over Angles in the wild-card game.

I really want to go with the homer pick and take the Brewers over the Diamondbacks in the NL wild card. But, I think the Diamondbacks are in a better position to win with their pitching staff.


Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks

Cubs vs. Nationals


Astros vs. Red Sox

Yankees vs. Indians

In the NL I think the Dodgers are too good of a team and showed last season they aren’t afraid to add when needed in the middle of the season. I am not a big Cubs fan, as a Brewers fan, it’s just how it has to be. But, I honestly think the Cubs/Nationals series is going to be a great one. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cubs win this series, I, however, will take the Nationals.

In the AL, the Astros are the best team in baseball, I believe by a significant amount. They have the pitching and the hitting to repeat. Like the Cubs vs. Nationals, the Yankees vs. Indians Series will be awesome to watch. The Yankees and the Indians both have outstanding lineups. It is going to come down to the pitching and the Indians have the better pitching.


Dodgers vs. Nationals


Astros vs. Indians

Bryce Harper, in his MVP season, carries this Nationals team to the World Series.  The Dodgers and Nationals both have great teams, I just see this being the year for Washington.

The Astros will continue to dominate through the playoffs and make it back to the World Series for the second year in a row.

World Series

Astros vs. Nationals

This pick is so difficult, both teams are very good. The Astros are great all across their 25 man roster. Their biggest weakness will be the bullpen, the Nationals have two studs, Scherzer and Strasburg but I not sure if  Roark and Gonzalez can step up in the playoffs? I hate to take the Astros to repeat, so I’m going to go with the Nationals.


  • NL-Bryce Harper
  • AL- Mike Trout

Cy Young

  • NL- Noah Syndergaard
  • AL- Corey Kluber

Rookie of the Year

  • NL- Ronald Acuna
  • AL-Dustin Fowler

Manager of the Year

  • NL- Dave Martinez
  • AL- Alex Cora


*Featured image was taken from Bryce Harper Wikipedia, original photographer Keith Allison posted on Flickr.




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