What is an MFL10

MFL10s are a relatively new style of playing fantasy football. For myself, I can’t get enough of fantasy football, so when MFL10s game out I had to give them try. MFL10s are also referred to as “best ball leagues” which means you draft your team, usually 20 rounds. After drafting your 20 round team, the computer does all the work. There are no waivers, there are no trades and there are no setting rosters. Each week the computer takes your best score every week.

The starting lineup of the best ball league is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, FLEX, TE, and Defense. They’re no annoying kickers in these best ball leagues.

MFL10s  are only 10 dollars per league. It is just a cheap way to get a lot of exposure to fantasy football this season and gives you a chance to draft a lot of different guys. These are also very useful as cheap but accurate mock drafts if you have a big league you are drafting for, doing a couple of these leagues really helps you get an understanding of where guys are going in drafts. Drafts are a slow draft, with an eight-hour timer between picks.

Payouts in MFL10s are 100 to first place, then second place receives free entry into an MFL10 next season.

I have done five of these drafts so far, each time trying to adjust some of my players, hoping to get exposure to many different guys.

Below are my leagues. Best ball drafts.JPG

Unfortunately, I missed a couple picks in one of my league where I ended up with five quarter which whic is ridiculous. I do not understand how an auto pick would take three more QBs after I have two on the roster. But, that is my fault for missing those draft picks.

My goal is to have as many different players as possible, I tried to have different QB combos on every team I have, I also tried the same thing for my TEs. I have some overlap with Delanie Walker, Hunter Henry, and Zach Ertz.

One of my favorite guys to look for in best ball leagues in the later rounds are guys like DeSean Jackson who usually isn’t a contributor every week, but has those weeks where he goes 3-4 catches, 100 yards, and a touchdown. Those are the guys you have to focus on later in the draft. Adrian Peterson is another guy I have been looking for in the 6-8th round, he isn’t a 100 yard back anymore, especially splitting time with Ingram. But, the potential for 50 yards and two touchdowns is there. With best ball you don’t have to worry about missing those two touchdown weeks, it will adjust the lineup as needed.

With my running backs, I also looked to make sure I have at least one handcuff on my roster Including Melvin Gordon and Brandon Oliver, DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, and Carlos Hyde and Joe Williams.

I highly recommend you check out the My Fantasy League website and try at least one of these best ball drafts this season they are addicting!

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