My MLB All-Star Game Ballot

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  • NL: Buster Posey
  • AL: Johnathon Lucroy

*If it weren’t for Buster Posey being as hot as he has been, JT Realmuto would be getting my catcher vote.

*All the catchers in the AL are underperforming this season, just went with my favorite player.

First Base

  • NL: Paul Goldschmidt
  • AL: Jose Abreu

*If Freddie Freeman were healthy he would be my first basemen, I don’t believe in Ryan Zimmerman, plus Paul Goldschmidt has just as good of power numbers PLUS 12 SB.

Second Base

  • NL: Daniel Murphy
  • AL: Jose Altuve

*Murphy leads the NL in average, home runs, and RBI. He is a no-brainer.

*You could make a case for Starlin Castro at 2nd, but I like Altuve more.

Third Base

  • NL: Jake Lamb
  • AL: Miguel Sano

*Miguel Sano is hitting .290 with 11 HR and 37 RBI (Which is first overall for AL 3rd basemen)

*Jake Lamb’s 14 HR and 42 RBI is enough to get my vote.


  • NL: Zack Cozart
  • AL: Francisco Lindor

*I like Cozart, Owings, and Seager a bunch this season. All fairly closer in power numbers, but Cozart is hitting .355 this season.


  • NL: Bryce Harper, Charlie Blackmon, Marcel Ozuna
  • AL: Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts

*I could see making a case for Khris Davis with his 14 home runs this season, but I believe his low average hurts him

*I was between Ozuna and Stanton, basically the same power numbers but Ozuna is hitting 40 points better than Stanton.

Designated Hitter

  • AL: Corey Dickerson

*Both Corey Dickerson and “Nelson Cruz have 12 HR, Cruz has 40 RBI and Dickerson only has 23. But Dickerson is hitting .330 with a .988 OPS.


I think my prediction is going to be the obvious choice. But, I can’t imagine any other pitchers besides Kershaw and Sale starting the all-star game. Unless some nonsense with start schedule doesn’t line up. It should be those two.

  • Sale- 5-2, 73 IP, 2.34 ERA, 0.81 WHIP, and 101 K.
  • Kershaw 7-2, 71.2 IP, 2.01 ERA, 0.82 WHIP, and 72 K.

*In the AL you could also consider Archer, Santana, Darvish, or Keuchel

*In the NL you could consider Scherzer, Greinke, or Leake



*Featured Image was taken from Clayton Kershaw Wikipedia, originally posted/taken by Arturo Pardavila on Flickr


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