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Potentially bias viewpoint: The Brewers are the best hitting team in the NL. This team continues to impress every game, even with their leadoff hitter Villar hitting his weight to start the season. Villar’s lack of success so far this season has been more than made up for with Thames, Braun, Shaw, and the catchers Bandy/Pina. I love the current batting order Counsell has put out there most nights.

  1. Villar
  2. Thames
  3. Braun
  4. Shaw
  5. Santana
  6. Catcher
  7. Broxton
  8. Arcia
  9. Pitcher

The 1-6 hitters have been tough on just about every starting pitcher the Brewers have seen thus far. Thames and Braun are swinging an incredibly hot bat at the plate right now. With Thames leading the league with 10 HR with 17 RBI and a .373 batting average. More impressive than his power numbers has been his eye at the plate. He isn’t chasing pitches outside the strike zone and has walked 13 times and has a .481 on-base percentage. Braun is swinging a hot bat too, and the 1-2-3 punch of Thames, Braun, and Shaw has been very tough to get through without giving up any runs. Braun is hitting .299 with 6 HR and 14 RBI. While Shaw is hitting .243 with 5 HR and 18 RBI. A combined 21 HR 49 RBI between the 2, 3 and 4 hitters in 21 games.

As a team, the Brewers have hit 37 HR, 8 more than the next highest in all of Major League Baseball with are third in runs scored with 102, and second in RBI with 100. The offense has not been the problem for this team this season. The reason this team is 10-11 after 21 games have been the recent struggles of the bullpen. The Brewers pen has a 2-7 record this season with a 3.52 ERA. While they started the season strong, we see a lot of leads given up late in the game. They have 6 saves, 4th highest in the MLB, but their middle relief has been the big problem. If we are going to get back above .500, the bullpen needs to figure it out.

The Farm

The Brewers minor league club in AAA is destroying the ball. Phillips, Cordell, and Brinson are all performing at a high level. Brinson is hitting .388 with a 1.079 OPS. His call-up to the MLB team is inevitable. Especially after we see Kirk get designated for assignment and Broxton struggling to open the season. Brett Pillips call-up could be as close as Brinson’s, Phillips is hitting .304  with .978 OPS 5 HR and 14 RBI. It’ll be interesting to see if either one of these guys comes up after the super two deadline passes.


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Josh Hader and Brandon Woodruff are pitching well in the hitter-friendly ballpark in Colorado Springs. Hader is 2-2 with a 3.15 ERA, he has thrown 20 innings and struck out 15. But, he has also walked 14 in those 20 innings. Woodruff is the Brewers #8 prospect and he is 4-0 to start the season and in 22.1 IP he has a 1.61 ERA 0.99 WHIP with 17 Ks and 6 BB.



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