12 Team Head to Head Points League

I will be live updating my blog today as I work my way through a 12 team Head to Head Points League. I have the 6th pick tonight, and it is a standard one C-SS with one MI and CI, five Outfielders, one Utility, nine Pitchers and eight Bench spots.

Hitters Scoring:

Singles – 1 point, Hit By Pitch- 1 point, Runs Scored- 1 point, Walks- 1 point, RBI- 1 point, Doubles- 2 points, Triples- 3 points, Home Runs- 4 points.

Pitchers Scoring:

Innings Pitched- 1 point, Strikeouts- 1 point, Quality Starts- 3 points, Saves- 7 points, Wins- 10 points, Earned Runs- -1 point, and Losses- -5 points.

My strategy is to load up on starting pitching very early, hopefully, three aces in the first 4 picks, if Kershaw makes it to 6 I will take him there.

My Picks:

1.6- Paul Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt was a great pick here, I wish I would have taken Arenado just for the reason I have Goldschmidt in two other leagues already.

2.7- Carlos Correa

Right away my strategy went out the window with Kershaw going two picks in front of me.I have to load up on pitching now.

3.6- Yu Darvish

I am adjusting on the fly hoping for two of the top closers in the next two picks. When healthy Darvish is a great pitcher, and he is on a great team. 15 wins should come easy. Darvish was probably a reach at 3.6 but I felt like I needed an ace after Kershaw, Bumgarner, Syndergaard, Sale, Scherzer and Kluber went quickly.

Arrieta and Lester could have been taken here, but I personally like Darvish more.

4.7-  Aroldis Chapman

5.6- Jacob deGrom

I am hoping for deGrom to bounce back this season and be the ace for the Mets. Hoping for a repeat of his 2015 season.

6.7- Zach Britton

Stud closers are a great option because they won’t have very many losses, so few negatives there. Very few earned runs given up and will get you 40 saves at 7 points a pop.

7.6- J.D. Martinez

8.7- Khris Davis

These last two picks were based on getting as many Home Runs and RBI as possible. Looking for 65-70 HR from these two along with 170 RBI and 160 R.

9.6- Gerrit Cole

Cole is one of my big bounce back candidates this season, I really hope Pittsburg is competitive.

10.7- Danny Salazar

11.6- Justin Turner

12.7-  Tony Watson

13.6- Adam Duvall

Continuing my strategy of loading up on RBI, HR, Wins and Saves. Wins and saves are worth 10 and 7 points, and I am projecting out to lead both categories.

14.7- Yasmani Grandal

15.6- Odubel Herrera

16.7- Raisel Iglesias

17.6-  Carlos Gomez

I ran out of time, I wasn’t sure I wanted Gomez here but oh well. I am looking for Odubel to get a lot of hits, runs, and stolen bases this season. Even closers for a bad team will get 25-30 saves, and there is rumors Iglesias can get a lot of multi-inning saves. He could be a top-five closer in a points league.

18.7- Logan Forsythe

19.6- Marcus Semien

20.7- Tommy Joseph

Semien and Joseph are two late round targets I love. I think any shortstop that can hit 25 HR is gold in fantasy, and Joseph is one of my up and comers this season at first base.

21.6- Cam Bedrosian

22.7- Eric Thames

23.6- Tyler Anderson

Thames is definitely worth the risk in the 22nd round with his power upside.

24.7- Jedd Gyorko

I went with Gyorko here because he is eligible everywhere in the infield except 1st. He will be a great back-up who could hit 25 HR.

25.6- Stephen Vogt

26.7- Bartolo Colon

27.6- Tyler Chatwood

28.7- Jung Ho Kang

I do not know what to expect from Kang this season, I am not even sure when he is going to play. He will probably be suspended to start the season, after his 3rd DUI in South Korea. I am comfortable with the risk here in the 28th round.

29.6- Michael Conforto

30.7- Nate Jones

Conforto should be starting every day for the Mets, but they are handling him terribly. Such a good up and coming player, I hope he gets a chance every day with the Mets either at first or in the outfield.

I think it is only a matter of time that David Robertson gets traded from the White Sox, and Nate Jones will be in the position to take over the closer role.

Overall, I am very strong in saves and home runs where I wanted to be, but I am weak in wins. I should have taken one of the aces for the second pick. But, I think Darvish, Cole, Salazar, and deGrom will be solid win contributors.








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