Yoan Moncada and Lucas Giolito

Yoan Moncada comes into the season as the #2 overall ranked prospect in the MLB top 100 and Lucas Giolito comes in at #11 overall ranked prospect. This past offseason has boosted the White Sox farm system to one of the top systems in all of the MLB. The hope is to build a contending team around two of the highest ranked prospects.

Yoan Moncada

Moncada came from Boston along with some other prospects when Chris Sale was traded to Boston. The Red Sox paid a hefty price for Sale this offseason. But, the trade was a win-win for both teams. Last season Moncada played in high-A, AA, and the majors last season. At 21 I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start the season in AAA, he struggled during his time with Boston last season,  and so far he is hitting .242 with 2 HR and 9 RBI including two home runs today against Kansas City. It would make sense to save some of his service time and keep in AAA to develop more this season. Moncada is a potential 5-tool player including elite speed on the base path. The strikeout rate has gone up with every promotion he has seen in his career. The hope being if he starts in AAA it will allow him to work on his eye at the plate.

Lucas Giolito

Giolito came from Washington this offseason in the Adam Eaton trade. I honestly thought the White Sox received a huge hall from the Nationals including Giolito and another top pitching prospect in Reynaldo Lopez. Giolito has two solid pitches in his fastball and his curveball his changeup needs a lot of work still. Last year he was top pitching prospect in baseball, after a rough season he has fallen to the #2 pitching prospect in baseball. When he got to the Nationals last season, he struggled with his command and control. His lack of command and control lead to higher walk and home run rates. Giolito is getting a lot of work this spring he has thrown 9.2 innings but hasn’t faired well in those 9.2 innings, he has a 5.59 ERA and a 1.55 WHIP. I want to see him up in the majors after the Sox break camp, but truthfully I am not sure if he will, AAA may be the best place for him to get right and work on that changeup.

Other Prospects

Michael Kopech #16 in the top 100.

Reynaldo Lopez #46 in the top 100

Carson Fulmer #71 in the top 100

Zach Collins #81 in the top 100


The White Sox have 6 in the top 100, and with plenty of guys to still be traded on this team. The opportunity to make this already top prospects rankings even better. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Quintana, and Robertson traded for sure. Maybe Frazier and Abreu if they can find the right deal.



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