NFBC ADP Round 5 and 6

*Those in bold I like in the current round, those in italics I do not like in the round,

Things have updated a bit since my last two rounds I wrote about.

Braun went from 48 to 47, and Gary Sanchez is now at 48. At 48 that puts Sanchez at the second catcher off the board. My catcher rankings go Lucroy, Posey, then Sanchez. Either way, I think these catchers are going a little early for the fourth round like they currently are.

NFBC Round 5

  1. Ian Desmond
  2. Billy Hamilton
  3. David Price
  4. J.D. Martinez
  5. Chris Archer
  6. Stephan Strasburg
  7. Jean Segura
  8. Jonathan Lucroy
  9. Wil Myers
  10. Carlos Carrasco
  11. Christian Yelich
  12. Zach Britton

I dislike the first three in this round. Desmond now has a broken hand, expect him to drop a couple rounds before the season starts. Billy Hamilton doesn’t contribute enough in the other categories to be a 5th round pick, I would never consider taking Hamilton before Martinez, Myers, or Yelich.

Love Wil Myers this season, I would take him in the fourth round, one of my favorite players in baseball. I think his team causes him to go overlooked in fantasy.

I don’t like Price here because of the questions with the elbow, and Strasburg is someone I stay away from generally. I never think it is worth the headache of a mid-season injury.

NFBC Round 6

  1. Yoenis Cespedes
  2. Jose Abreu
  3. Gregory Polanco
  4. Carlos Gonzalez
  5. Kyle Hendricks
  6. Kyle Seager
  7. Carlos Martinez
  8. Jacob deGrom
  9. Andrew McCutchen
  10. Mark Melancon
  11. Mark Trumbo
  12. Matt Carpenter

Polanco is one of the biggest up and comers in the MLB. He has a three-year average .258 AVG 12 HR 57 RBI 19 SB 70 R. He put up a career high 22 HR last season, and I think those power numbers will continue, Polanco will be a 20 HR 20 SB this season. With the significant possibility of 25/25 and at 25 years old he is a stud.

deGrom is off to a solid start this spring, if healthy this season I see a big bounce back coming. deGrom and Syndergaard are 1a and 1b in this rotation and deGrom is at a 40 pick discount.

Martinez is the ace of his squad, the Cardinals #1 and I think the Cardinals are going to be good this season making the Wild Card this season. Martinez can win 15 games with a 3.00 ERA.



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