NFBC ADP Round 3 and 4

NFBC Round 3

  1. Edwin Encarnacion 25
  2. Freddie Freeman 26
  3. Xander Bogaerts 27
  4. Francisco Lindor 28
  5. Trevor Story 29
  6. Robinson Cano 30
  7. Jake Arrieta 31
  8. George Springer 32
  9. Yu Darvish 33
  10. A.J. Pollock 34
  11. Brian Dozier 35
  12. Jon Lester 36

I like Bogaerts and Cano in this spot and would strongly consider them both in the second round. Bogaerts hasn’t even reached his full potential yet, I think he is being skipped over too much for the numbers he is going to put up this season. Cano is just consistent in what he does and is part one of the two headed monster that Seattle has in their offense with Cruz.

I do not like Story or Pollock in the third round. I think there are just too many question marks with them. Trevor Story has power, but a very high strikeout rate and Pollock had one good year and otherwise been injury plagued.

NFBC Round 4

  1.  Giancarlo Stanton 37
  2. Daniel Murphey 38
  3. Rougned Odor 39
  4. Buster Posey 40
  5. Nelson Cruz 41
  6. Johnny Cueto 42
  7. Justin Verlander 43
  8. Aroldis Chapman 44
  9. Dee Gordon 45
  10. Kenley Jansen 46
  11. David Price 47
  12. Ryan Braun 48

I think Stanton in this spot is perfect. Elite skill set and worth the risk at this spot. I also like Brauns spot, someone I would consider taking early in the fourth round.

Over the Past three seasons, Nelson Cruz has hit 40 HR 93 or more RBI and 90 Run scored. Plus has had a .286 AVG. He is a LEGIT hitter and has done nothing but contribute over the last three seasons with no signs of slowing down. But his ADP is 16 picks behind Edwin Encarnacion and 27 picks behind Rizzo while putting up close to the same numbers…He is a great bat to have in the fourth round.

I don’t like Posey in the fourth round, and personally, I think Lucroy is a better option at catcher this season. Dee is an elite steal guy, but the fourth round is definitely too early.

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