NFBC ADP Breakdown Round 1 & 2

I will be posting a new set of blogs where I take the NFBC ADP and break it down by round, for a 12 team league. I will do rounds per day through 200ish picks. Each round I will bold guys I like in the round or italicize those I think are going too early for the round.

It’ll be helpful to use the ADPs when you go into your drafts!

NFBC 1st Round

  1. Trout
  2. Betts
  3. Kershaw
  4. Altuve
  5. Bryant
  6. Arenado
  7. Goldschmidt
  8. Machado
  9. Harper
  10. Turner
  11. Scherzer
  12. Donaldson

I think Scherzer and Donaldson should no longer be considered 1st round options because of their injuries. You have to push them back into the second in a 12 team. Most likely if I checked the ADPs again next week, they might be in the second round. I love the rest of the 1st round, all solid first round picks. Trea Turner will continue to climb the ADP rankings, including going 7th last night in Tout Wars.

My favorite in the first round would probably be Goldschmidt at 7. He is a top three player in my opinion.

I also think Harper will end up in the top 5 after this season finishes and at the end of the first round is a steal.

NFBC 2nd Round

  1. Rizzo (13)
  2. Cabrera (14)
  3. Bumgarner(15)
  4. Blackmon (16)
  5. Correa (17)
  6. Syndergaard (18)
  7. Seager (19)
  8. Villar (20)
  9. Sale (21) 
  10. Votto (22)
  11. Kluber (23) 
  12. Marte (24)

Correa is not necessarily in the wrong round, but I prefer Seager over him this season.

If it were up to me, I would swap Scherzer and Donaldson for Rizzo and Bumgarner. I like Marte as much as Blackmon this year, I personally don’t see the 8 pick difference between the two.

I am a Brewers fan of course, but Villar 20 overall is too early for me if he repeated his success from last year. I would look for him in the 2018 season in this round. But only one year isn’t enough data for me to take him 20 overall.

Kluber is an ace, but a lot of innings over the last three seasons, rather wait on pitching if he is the best option in the second.

I have Sale ranked higher than Syndergaard and Scherzer.


Rounds three and four will be up tomorrow!

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