2017 SS Rankings

Tier One

  1. Corey Seager
  2. Carlos Correa

If Manny Machado is an SS in your league, he is #1 in this tier.

Corey Seager has all the tools and will contribute in all hitting categories except for stolen bases. Last year he went three for three in stolen base attempts. He was rookie of the year last year and will be in the running for NL MVP. Look for the Dodgers to make a deep playoff run with Seager in the middle of that lineup. His ADP is around 20, and I am comfortable taking him early in the second round.

Tier Two

  1. Bogaerts
  2. Lindor
  3. Villar
  4. Story

I am very high on Bogaerts, closer to moving him up in the first tier. I think Bogaerts will help you in all hitting categories and is someone you can get a solid discount. Bogaerts is in an elite lineup and will have lots of opportunities to get RBI and R. Along with 20 HR power he is a solid player that you can still get in the early third round.

Villar is one who could be a tier one guy as well. If he can repeat his hitting numbers from last year, he will help you a lot. With a .285 19 HR 63 RBI 92 R and 62 SB, he is a stud, and you will see his ADP around the end of the second beginning of the third. Hitting at the top of the lineup the RBI won’t be there but even if he swipes 50 SB this season, it will more than make up for the lack of RBI.

Tier Three

  1. Segura
  2. Russell
  3. Peraza
  4. Tulowitzki
  5. Swanson

I am not sure what to expect from Segura, after his first year in Milwaukee he sturggled migtely, but after being traded to Arizona he was rebounded with a .319 AVG 20 HR 64 RBI 102 R and 33 SB. He has elite speed, with three stud hitters behind him. I expect his average to dip a bit, and maybe a small dip in HR after leaving Arizona. But Runs, RBI, and SB should stay around the same. He has a 5th round ADP, and I like him there. Stolen basaes are at a premium this year so that price tag is okay with me.

I love Jose Peraza, he will be the starting 2nd baseman for the Reds but if he keeps the SS elgibility too he is going to be really good option at his 128 ADP. His average and speed will be the main categories he contributes in this season. Depending on where he hits in the order mayb 70-80 R scored. But, his RBI will stay fairly low and will be luck to go over 5 HR.

Tier Four

  1. Nunez
  2. Diaz
  3. Anderson
  4. Crawford

I like Tim Anderson in this tier. He plays for a bad team, but he is going to hit at the top of this line-up and has three good hitters behind him still. His average isn’t going to be great, but he won’t kill you either. He can steal 30 SB, with 80 R, 50 RBI, and around 10 HR. With his 162 ADP he is a very good option later on in the draft.


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