2017 3rd Base Rankings

Tier One

  1. Kris Bryant
  2. Nolen Arenado
  3. Manny Machado

I like all three in this tier; they are in the order I would take them in the first round. Kris Bryant has the multi-position eligibility, Arenado will lead the league in HR and RBI for sure, and Machado should be able to be 3rd and SS eligible. Can’t go wrong with any of them.

Tier Two

  1. Josh Donaldson

Donaldson is a tier one stud, but with a lingering calf injury, I don’t know how his numbers are going to look, he is falling into the early second round in most drafts. I won’t take him in the first, but at the beginning of the second, I’ll consider it. He went for .284 AVG 37 HR 99 RBI and 122 R, the runs scored may drop a bit without Edwin hitting behind him. But still, should have decent numbers.

Tier Three

  1. Kyle Seager
  2. Todd Frazier
  3. Evan Longoria
  4. Justin Turner
  5. Adrian Beltre

Seager is my favorite option in this tier, he hit .278 30 HR 99 RBI, and 89 was a pretty great numbers last season, he hits in a great lineup with Segura, Cano, and Cruz hitting in front of him he will have baserunners on in front of him. I like Seager if you decide to skip the first tier of 3rd basemen Seager has a 60 ADP and will be a good pick in the fourth or fifth round!

The rest of this Tier is the old man tier, a bunch of consistent hitters who will be contributing all season. If you need a high average guy, I will stay away from Frazier, but other than that these guys will help in HR and RBI, all with 30-40 HR potential, except for Turner look for him in the 25-30 range.

Tier Four

  1. Anthony Rendon
  2. Alex Bregman
  3. Jose Ramirez
  4. Miquel Sano
  5. Maikel Franco
  6. Jake Lamb

This Tier is my 3rd basemen of the future tier, everyone in this tier is 26 or younger, Bregman probably has the most potential of everyone in this group. A must have in a dynasty league. Jose Ramirez will have multi-position eligibility this season. I worry about him repeating his numbers, after having a .312 AVG with 11 HR 76 RBI 84 R and 22 SB. I would expect to see a slight decline in AVG, but the other categories are indeed repeatable.

But this group much like the other will provide power to you. All guys will be in the 20-30 range. Sano is a big strong man who is going to hit some baseballs very far, with the potential to creep into the 30+ homerun range and 90 RBI.

If Bregman bats second for the Astros, he potentially could have Altuve in front of him and Correa behind him, he will have plenty of RBI and R chances to go along with a .270 batting average and 25 HR.

Tier Five

  1. Nick Castellanos
  2. Ryon Healy
  3. Mike Moustakas

Healy is far and away my favorite in this group, my prediction for rookie of the year. He hit .305 with 37 RBI, and 36 R scored in 72 games. I look forward to seeing what his first season in the majors will look like. I anticipate him a middle of the lineup guy. Healy doesn’t run much but makes up for his lack of speed with significant power potential.


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