Fantasy Baseball Roto Draft on Yahoo

Hey, Guys, I am drafting a 5×5 roto team today on Yahoo…below is my team and what I was thinking at each pick during the draft. I am the 9th pick overall, going to be looking at guys like Machado, Harper, Turner, or Rizzo in this spot. I usually like to get four hitters and one starting pitcher within the first five picks, but it all depends on if pitching is going quicker than normal.

1.9- Paul Goldschmidt- 1st

2.4- Corey Seager- SS

I like my start so far, was shocked Goldy fell to the 9th pick. If he wasn’t there, I was taking Trea Turner. I have two guys who are going to hit for power and average. May look for a couple more steals within the next two rounds.

3.9- Fransico Lindor- SS/Util

Went back to back shortstops. But Lindor will be solid in my Util spot, will help big time in average, runs and steals. Plus help out with a little power.

4.4- Ryan Braun- OF

5.9- Chris Archer- SP

6.4- Rougned Odor- 2nd

I went with Archer with the plan of grabbing Hendricks at 6.4, but he went one pick before I had the chance, figuring they would balance each other’s ERA. Odor is just another solid hitter. I think I have five hitters on this team that can help me all hitting categories.

7.9- Roberto Osuna- RP

8.4- Christian Yelich- OF

I needed a closer; they were going pretty quickly. It may have been a reach, but with the run of closers going it was a good decision.

9.9- Jose Quintana- SP

10.4-  Wilson Contreras- C and OF

I like these two picks in the 9th and 10th round. Quintana is an ace that plays for a bad team, and I still expect a lot from him. Contreras, I love the bat in a great line-up, and I also like he can play C and OF.

With how quickly closers are going…Shawn Kelley just went in the 10th round. I am going to try waiting for a set-up man who is going to take over the closing job.

11.9- Khris Davis- OF

12.4- Dellin Betances- RP

I needed some more power numbers, especially at HR and Khris Davis over the past two seasons has been mashing baseballs. The Betances pick came down to him or Urias. I wanted the low ERA and WHIP, so I decided to go with him. Maybe Chapman will struggle and get demoted…but probably not.

13.9- Julio Urias- SP

14.4- Andrew Benintendi- OF

Love the back to back young talent here. Julio is an ace in the making and is going to be playing for a very young team. Benintendi same thing, stud young guy who is going to play every day in a good line-up. Bring them on!

15.9- Ryon Healy- 3rd

So Healy rounds out my starting hitting. I am very high on him this season if you check out my predictions post I have him as the rookie of the year!

16.4- Jeff Samardzija- SP

I was between Odorizzi and Samardzija here, went Jeff for the wins. But, I don’t feel great about it.

17.9- Cam Bedrosian- RP

18.4- Dustin Pedroia- 2nd

My hope with Bedrosian is he will be the closer of the Angels here soon. Houston Street is aging, and even on a bad team, a good closer can get 30 saves. Pedroia, I only took him because he fell to the 18th round, great value.

19.9- Ivan Nova- SP,RP

20.4- Marcell Ozuna-OF

21.9- Matt Moore- SP

22.4- Taijuan Walker- SP

23.9- Carlos Gomez- OF

My last five here were an interesting group of guys, I am more taking a risk on guys like Walker and Moore, but in the 21st and 22nd round worth the risk. If  Gomez hits leadoff for the Rangers…I just got a lead off hitter, for a good team, in the 23rd round.

My Best Pick- Benintendi in the 14th or Pedroia in the 18th

My Worst Pick-Bedrosian in the 17th

My biggest mess up in this draft was not drafting very many multi-position guys. But I think I did very well drafting hitters. Many hitters with multi-categorical skills.

My pitching is weak, some decent young guys who are a little risky. Taijuan Walker is a high potential guy, in a terrible ballpark. I can already tell I am going to lack in strikeouts and saves. But I like where I am in wins and in decent shape in ERA. My strength of this team is clearly hitting though.



  1. Quintana in the 9th round is a steal. The ace of a bad team mixed with the high probability of him being traded to a winning team before the deadline. Could have a huge 2nd half to the season if he moves to a better team. Plus Pedroia falling to the 18th round is interesting.

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