Milwaukee Brewers 2/23

Spring training is up and running, and there are very few people more excited than I am for this season to get underway! I have been a lifelong Brewers and White Sox fan. Growing up in Wisconsin, the Brewers have been my hometown team. I had my White Sox fandom passed down from my Grandpa, he spent his life cheering for those South Siders, and it fits perfectly liking two teams that hate the Cubs! There is very few things more fun than going to Miller Park on a summer night to tailgate and enjoy a baseball game. For the most part, this post is going to talk Brewers, but I may sprinkle in some Sox talk. Their trades in the offseason have me pretty excited to watch Giolito and Moncada.

Brewers 2017 Prediction 81-81

Projected Lineup

  1. Villar-S (2nd)
  2. Arcia-R (SS)
  3. Braun-R (LF)
  4. Thames-L (1st)
  5. Shaw-L (3rd)
  6. Santana-R (RF)
  7. Susac-R (C)
  8. Broxton-R (CF)
  9. P

Pitching Rotation

  1. Davies
  2. Guerra
  3. Nelson
  4. Peralta
  5. Garza

Others in consideration

Anderson, Milone, Hader, and Jungmann

My hope is to see Hader make this rotation, I personally don’t like Garza. I would like to see the young guys get a spot in the rotation and build for the next two years where I see this team being competitive. I love Davies, I think he can be a stud down the road, but overall the Brewers are still missing that #1 pitcher in their system.

I am going to be talking about a few players per day, below you will find my players of the day.

The Players:

Orlando Arcia SS- Honestly, I can’t come up with a Brewers player I am more excited about than Orlando Arcia, this is going to be his first full year. In 201 ABs last year in the MLB Arcia hit .201 AVG with 44 H, 4 HR, 21 R, 17 RBI, 8 SB, 2.73 OBP, and .631 OPS. Certainly nothing impressive, but his minor league numbers, .282 AVG, .797 OPS and 104 SB in 500 games make me very excited for his future with the Brewers.

Ryan Braun LF- Over my 25 years as a Brewers fan Ryan Braun has been my all time favorite Brewer along with recently departed Jonathan Lucroy. To be honest, it terrifies me Braun will be traded by the time the all-star break comes.  But, I understand why the move is going to come. Last season we saw many rumors hinting at a Braun for Puig trade with the Dodgers. All I have to say is HELL NO. Puig has all the talent in the world but he allows his head to affect his talent and this is not a guy I want in Milwaukee. An upcoming Braun trade should be for that stud pitcher if that player is out there.

But, as stated above I think this team is close, maybe one to two years away, where Braun will be 35 years old. He can still contribute to a young Brewers lineup as a 35-year-old. Last year he hit .305 AVG with a .910 OPS with 30 HR 91 RBI and 16 SB. Those are outstanding numbers, and while I don’t expect quite the same production, he is more than capable of producing a 25 HR 20SB season with a .285+ batting average. I anticipate Villar and Arcia hitting in front of him allowing him plenty of RBI opportunities, and with Thames behind him, he should be able to see some good pitches.

Jonathan Villar 2nd- Villar may be the most electric player on the team, leading the league in stolen bases with 62…just amazing. But, he is also up there with one of the most frustrating guys to watch. He led the league in caught stealing with 18! 18 is way too high. Now he took about 80 walks last season but struck out 180 times, I would really like to see that number come down. With all that being said, if he can make those strikeouts and caught stealings come down he could be a 70 steal player with a .370-.380 OBP he could be an elite-level player for this Brewers and at 25 years old the future can be very bright.Now the RBI numbers will never be there because he hits at top of the order. But 20 Hr 100 runs scored are definitely a possibility with Braun and Thames behind him. I would like to see him be able to repeat his numbers a bit before I name him that elite level player, but the potential is there!


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